Thursday, October 20, 2016

The brother files.

Hello everyone! Every once and awhile I will have a family files post. This one is the brother files in the family files. In the family files I will write about the pros and and cons of being the oldest sister.     I will start with the cons.
1. You can not take a photo of them

2.They take your stuff and do not give it back until you  pay them! ( well that is my brother.)

3. They play with you when you do not want them to! ( when I was younger.)       
4.  They eat all the food! ( that includes dessert!)        
5. They do not tell you about good stuff they have! ( and when they do tell they keep it all to them self!)
6. They watch annoying shows. ( Larva, Lego city, etc.)
7. They always want to play your device and the game you are playing.(Pokemon, Minecraft, Roblox, etc.)
8.They always start weird music.
1.They are cute.
2. They give great hugs.
3. They let you lay on them on a four hour car ride.
4.They sometimes give you money.
5.They let you have some of the their snack.
6.They let you watch the T.V.
7.They go hunting with your dad and leave you alone. 
8.They ask you riddles but they do not know how to spell so they just sound it out.